Ransom demand – hacker attack paralyzes Carinthia: consequences for civilians


The Carinthian government has been completely paralyzed for several days, nothing works anymore. All the computers – about 3,000 in number – in the state administration, in the district authorities, the state audit office and the state administrative court have failed.

The cause is the largest known hacker attack on a country’s electronic infrastructure. “Black Cat” is the name of the international criminal group that is demanding $5 million in bitcoins from the state of Carinthia. Only then would the computer systems be unlocked again.

Huge consequences for citizens
The consequences for citizens are enormous: no passports, no e-mails, problems with payment and payment, delayed benefits, stopped file processing, even the telephone systems are largely disrupted. Governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ): “In the current state of affairs, we are not thinking about meeting the ransom demand.” Gerd Kurath, state spokesman: “We hope to have the email system back in place by next week at least.”

Source: Krone


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