At temperatures below zero: newborn found alive in shopping bag


A walker made a shocking discovery while walking his dog in London on Thursday evening: the Briton found a newborn girl packed in a shopping bag and wrapped only in a towel – in sub-zero temperatures.

The dog owner made the explosive discovery in East London at around 9.15pm. The temperatures were below zero that evening. The walker kept the newborn warm until emergency services arrived, the BBC reported.

The police were concerned about mother
By giving the girl warmth, the dog owner may have saved the baby’s life, police officer Simon Crick praised the walker’s behavior. The baby is unharmed and is doing well in the hospital. “Our thoughts now go out to the baby’s mother. We are very concerned for her well-being as she has undergone a traumatic ordeal and requires immediate medical attention after birth,” the researcher said.

You are requested to contact the nearest hospital or police by telephone. “Trained doctors and specialists are ready to support you,” the police officer promised.

Source: Krone


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