Bunsen burner too strong – truck burned after failed defrost attempt


This attempt went completely wrong! A timber truck started burning in Kleinarl on Monday after the driver used a Bunsen burner to combat the cold.

It was also very cold in Pongau on Monday morning. So cold that the straps of a truck in Kleinarl were frozen. The 62-year-old driver wanted to use the straps to secure logs to his truck. As he reached for the oars, he realized they were frozen. So the truck driver used a Bunsen burner that was on the passenger side. He wanted to thaw the belts with this.

But that really went wrong. Shortly after the man thawed the seat belts, the driver’s cabin caught fire. The truck driver called the fire brigade. The emergency services extinguished the driver’s cabin, which was now completely on fire. The fire brigade managed to prevent the flames from spreading to the logs in the loading space. The driver was uninjured.

Source: Krone


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