Trial in Salzburg: Doctor illegally invoiced salaries for two years


A doctor from Pongau prepared invoices for therapies and infusions that were not provided – and now the man was before the judge.

The suspect has accepted the verdict. The burden of proof seemed too overwhelming. The accusations against the Salzburg doctor were enormous on Thursday: the doctor allegedly charged salaries in 2020 and 2021 – without actually providing the medical services. According to the indictment, the Austrian health insurance fund was damaged by 46,000 euros.

237,000 euros invoiced
The suspect is said to have invoiced a total of 237,000 euros in therapies and services over a two-year period. The charge amounts to 46,000 euros, because the health insurance fund has not paid any further amounts to the Pongau doctor.

The Pongauer received a six-month suspended prison sentence for serious commercial fraud. He must also pay a fine of 4,410 euros. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Source: Krone


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