Protests of the first sector in Bizkaia, wind and the crime of Castro Urdiales


Protests of the first sector in Bizkaia, wind and the crime of Castro Urdiales

Summary of the most important news that will publish today.

These are the topics that will be central main headlines from next Friday February 9, 2024:

-Protests in the first sector in Bizkaia: Under the motto “Eutsi baserriari”, the unions EHNE and ENBA called for a mobilization in Bilbao on Friday, February 9, to demand the end of European free trade agreements and guarantee fair prices for the sector. To do this, they will take to the streets about 75 tractors that will travel along various Biscay roads and streets in the center of Bilbao. The farmers of Bizkaia will therefore join the mobilizations carried out by their colleagues in Álava and Navarra.

Wind incidents: The forecasts came true and strong gusts of wind were recorded from Thursday afternoon to early Friday morning. Firefighters and emergency services carried out almost 400 interventions in the hours that the yellow warning lasted, most of them as a result of fallen trees and objects. The wind blew off the roofs of several buildings and caused power outages. Today is the day to assess the damage.

Murder of Castro Urdiales: The head of the Investigative Court Number 5 of Santander, who was on duty on Thursday, has agreed to the closed confinement for six months of the eldest son of the woman whose body appeared last night in her vehicle in Castro Urdiales, as requested by the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office of Cantabria. The younger brother, who is also said to be involved in the events, entered a child protection center on the instructions of the public prosecutor.

Source: EITB


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