Suspected murder – baby shaken to death: parents arrested


The parents of the three-month-old baby who died of shaken baby syndrome in Vienna have now been arrested.

The tragic backstory: A few days ago, a 26-year-old resident of Serbia and her 29-year-old partner brought their three-month-old son to the clinic in Vienna-Ottakring. The little boy was probably already unconscious.

In any case, the doctors diagnosed severe shaking trauma; several bones in the little boy’s body may also have been broken. The hospital became suspicious and called the police.

The little one was transferred to the Vienna General Hospital, but the doctors could do nothing more for him. He died as a result of his serious injuries. The parents also have a two-year-old child together who has already been placed in the care of crisis foster parents.

On Thursday, the judiciary said that there is currently “no urgent suspicion against the parents that would justify pre-trial detention.” Breaking news on Friday: After reviewing the initial police reports and hospital documents submitted, it was concluded “that a crime was suspected,” said authority spokeswoman Nina Bussek. The couple was arrested on Thursday evening.

An autopsy of the body has already been ordered. The parents will be questioned as suspects on Friday. Police said the two were in shock after the death of their son – there is also a two-year-old daughter now living with crisis foster parents – and could not initially be interviewed.

Source: Krone


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