Without dialogue? – Israel fears American recognition of Palestine


According to a newspaper report, the Israeli government is concerned that the US could recognize a Palestinian state without Israel’s consent. It is already undertaking ‘intensive activities’ to establish a Palestinian government.

The White House wants a reformed Palestinian Authority to take control of the Gaza Strip after the war ends. The Israeli government, in turn, advocates maintaining security control after the end of the war. In addition, the coastal area must be demilitarized.

Hamas against two-state solution
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu generally rejects a two-state solution. This means an independent Palestinian state that coexists peacefully with Israel. However, efforts to achieve this failed to produce any progress for years. The Islamist-Palestinian organization Hamas, which seized exclusive power in the Gaza Strip in 2007, also rejects a two-state solution.

According to the Maariv newspaper, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has now said in Jerusalem that a Palestinian state could be recognized without dialogue or without Israel’s consent. “It will not change the principles that Israel wants – namely a fundamental reform of the schools, changing the curriculum to ensure that the Authority no longer teaches people to hate Israel and does not encourage terror, does not glorify terrorists and does not support them” calls holy. martyrs.’ “calls,” a government official told the newspaper.

Status as an observer state
The Israeli army captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967. Today it is home to three million Palestinians and approximately 700,000 Israeli settlers. The United Nations granted Palestine observer status in 2012. So far, 139 UN member states recognize Palestine as a separate state, while Austria and the US do not. They had always emphasized that this had to be agreed upon in the peace negotiations with the Israeli government.

Source: Krone


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