Parachute jump: 103-year-old sets world record


A 103-year-old Swede has set a world record as the oldest tandem skydiver. “It was a great thing to do, I thought about it for a long time,” said Rut Larsson after her successful jump.

Watched by friends, family and a Guinness representative, Larsson made a perfect landing alongside skydiver Joackim Johansson at the Motala Municipality Airfield.

After a record jump on the rollator
However, when she got up, she needed help from helpers and then from her walker.

When asked what she saw during her flight and how she felt, she answered honestly, “I can’t see very well anymore, but it was a good feeling.” She really liked the slow descent.

Larsson is 103 years and 259 days old. She breaks the previous record by exactly 78 days.

According to her own statements, she wanted to celebrate her success with “a little cake”.

Source: Krone


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