“Speechless” about SPÖ – “Heisl”-Sager: Experts feel insulted


The district leader of Vienna-Donaustadt, Ernst Nevrivy, is known for not turning his heart into a killer’s den. He recently caused a stir with his “Heisl”-Sager at the SPÖ party conference. Nevrivy described activists who oppose the planned city street in Vienna as “Heisln” who would insult Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ). The experts, whose open letter about city streets was the stumbling block, now feel insulted themselves…

The occasion was an open letter written on the initiative of the Mobility section of Scientists for Future Austria and signed by 23 researchers and spatial and transport planners, most of them from the Technical University of Vienna. Nevrivy then got carried away to equate the TUler with retired traffic scientist Hermann Knoflacher, who had joined a questionable celebrity initiative against mandatory corona vaccination.

Activists referred to as “Heisln”.
In addition, the Donaustadt district chief had described opponents of the Lobau tunnel and the city highway as “Heisln”, which would insult the mayor. The authors of the letter now spoke to the “Krone” and reacted indignantly. “Prof. Knoflacher, who is featured here, is not part of Scientists for Future and was also not involved in writing the text. Mr. Nevrivy not only denies all signatories their professional competence, but in fact the entire study program at the TU Wien .”

The letter to the SPÖ Vienna on the topic of mobility transition (available here) was “politely, constructively and differentially worded and in no way an attack on the SPÖ”: “The attitude and actions of the SPÖ Vienna towards traffic experts leave us speechless.” And further: “It is not the job of science to tell politics what to do, but it is very much the job of politics to take science seriously and listen.”

The neighbors are the ones who suffer
The construction of the Lobau tunnel and the associated city road had become a point of contention in recent years, not only at the level of the state of Vienna. While the SPÖ is pushing for urgently needed aid for traffic in Vienna, the Greens have repeatedly intervened – most recently in the person of Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler, who has halted construction. Last but not least, the victims of this internal political hiccup are the inhabitants of the urban development areas, who have been enormously burdened not only by the barely progressing construction work, the increasing traffic, but also by the legacies of the construction site inhabitants in recent months.

Source: Krone


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