An affair before the divorce? – The doctor is said to have sexually assaulted the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his divorce from his wife Sophie last summer after 18 years of marriage. Now the suspected reason for the break has become public: the Canadian is said to already have a new one. Spicy: The liaison is said to have existed before the divorce was officially announced.

The divorce between the 52-year-old head of government of Canada and Sophie Grégoire (48), with whom he has two children, came as a surprise to many. But at least one couple, whose marriage was also on the rocks, should have been well informed about this in advance: the prime minister’s wife reportedly left Trudeau for a pediatric surgeon from Ottawa. The divorce petition from the alleged new partner, Marcos Bettolli, was received by the authorities in April last year.

In this posting the new man is shown next to Sophie:

The doctor’s now ex-wife alleged that her husband had re-entered a relationship with a high-profile individual that attracted significant media attention and raised significant security concerns. A name was not mentioned, but it has now emerged that it is Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Her ex’s new relationship has raised concerns about Ana Remonda’s safety, “what the children are exposed to while in their father’s care,” National Post reported. She therefore called for measures to ensure the privacy and safety of her two children.

The rumor mill is spinning – leaving Trudeau for doctor?
The new revelation fuels speculation about the real reason for the Trudeaus’ split: the divorce was filed months before the official announcement of the end of the relationship. So far, no one has wanted to comment on the rumors.

Justin Trudeau and Sophie have known each other since childhood. They married in 2005 and the couple have three children. A few years ago there were already rumors of cheating, but these concerned the politician. He denied it and explained that there were difficult ups and downs in the relationship.

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