Series of calls – 83-year-old was smarter: Bail trick gone wrong


The brutal criminals did not expect this: together with a bank employee who responded correctly, an 83-year-old Tyrolean woman outsmarted fraudsters who wanted to steal large sums of money from her with the “deposit trick”.

On Friday around 1:30 p.m., locals from the Innsbruck area received a call from a fake police officer saying, “The police are here,” saying that her daughter had caused a serious traffic accident. A woman was murdered. The phone was then briefly handed over to a crying woman. When the 83-year-old declared she had no daughter, the case was referred to her daughter-in-law, who was to be jailed unless bail amounting to a five-figure euro sum was posted.

Crooks also wanted gold
The victim then agreed to pay the deposit and had to continuously call the fraudster to the bank to withdraw the money. The unknown perpetrator focused the conversation on other assets and also demanded the return of the requested gold investments amounting to a low five-figure euro amount.

After the woman was instructed not to inform anyone and not to interrupt telephone contact, she entered the bank branch with her telephone running, which she kept in her handbag. When the 83-year-old was asked by the bank employee if she wanted to withdraw money, she motioned for the bank employee to be quiet with her finger on her lips.

Police notified
The attentive and responsive bank employee then asked the 83-year-old to go to her own office without discussing the matter and called the police in another office via an emergency call. This prevented the transfer of the five-figure euro amount to the unscrupulous crooks.

Series calls
That day was not the only attempt by unknown perpetrators to steal money in Tyrol using bail or police tricks. There is no trace of the crooks.

Source: Krone


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