Intercepted in the lock – With weapons, axes or disposable syringes on the track


Witnesses, defendants and people who want to visit hearings as well as prisoners in Linz prison: they all have to pass through the security gate of the Linz Regional Court. The discoveries of the past year clearly demonstrate the need for this measure.

Sometimes things can get cramped in the foyer of the Linz Regional Court: last year, a total of 130,558 people were literally led past two to four guards via the two metal detectors. But this is by no means a formality, as Supreme Court President Amalia Berger-Lehner emphasized during a press breakfast on Monday.

Nearly 6,000 dangerous items
Last year, seven legitimately carried handguns were temporarily seized, and two banned weapons – a Taser and a ballpoint pen with a hidden blade – were confiscated. There were also 1,094 knives, 49 pepper sprays and 4,784 other dangerous objects (such as a corkscrew) that security personnel took into custody.

Twice in the same day
38 visitors wanted to take drugs to court, and one was even caught twice on the same day with cannabis in his pocket. A woman tried to enter the courthouse with a hoe in her backpack, and a man had more than a hundred disposable syringes in his luggage, some of which were stained with blood.

Usually no bad intentions
However, only illegal items are kept permanently; everything else is returned to the visitors when they leave the track. “Most items are not taken with bad intentions, but simply forgotten,” reassures Monika Gruber, vice president of the state court responsible for security.

Source: Krone


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