Bargain in Baden – Federal army sells barracks via online platform


As a real estate investor you can currently get a real bargain in Baden, Lower Austria. The federal army has advertised a former barracks on the online platform

A square meter of building land currently costs around 193 euros in the Baden district. The site of the former barracks plus the buildings on it are available for the ridiculous price of around 175 euros per square meter. In total they want 5.8 million euros for the former military site.

Under monument protection
The area measures a total of 33,013 square meters and contains several buildings, halls and the former sports park. However: The barracks buildings themselves are currently under monument protection.

The Federal Army therefore intends to sell only a part of it; the land to be used is referred to in the zoning plan as “building land, special space, hospital” and “green belt pollution control”.

For decades, the barracks housed a tank artillery battalion, a non-commissioned officer school and a medical facility. In 2013, the Ministry of Defense decided to close it permanently and most of the military infrastructure was moved to Zwölfaxing.

The sale has already failed twice
Subsequently, various considerations were made about the use of the area. The city of Baden was thinking about setting up a technology research and production campus.

The armed forces have also tried twice to sell the property. In 2014, the Martinek barracks, named after artillery general Robert Martinek, were advertised for 33 million euros, without success. A sale attempt in 2017 also failed. Perhaps a buyer can now be found who will breathe new life into the old barracks area.

Source: Krone


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