Putin’s superweapon – Ukraine: Russia used the “Zircon” missile


According to Ukrainian reports, Russia has used a hypersonic ‘Zircon’ missile for the first time. This is the preliminary result of an analysis of the fragments of a rocket attack on February 7, the head of the relevant research institute, Oleksandr Ruwin, writes on Telegram.

The ‘Zirkon’ has a range of 1,000 kilometers and nine times the speed of sound.

Anti-aircraft guns are almost unable to intercept “Zircon”.
This would make it more difficult for Ukrainian air defenses to intercept them. According to Ukrainian sources, the February 7 attack killed at least five people and damaged parts of the energy network.

Russia itself had not commented on its alleged use in the war in Ukraine. In January, the Kremlin announced that the “Zircon” had been successfully tested using computer simulation during a maneuver in the Atlantic Ocean.

Missile can also carry a nuclear warhead
The ‘Zirkon’, which only officially entered service at the beginning of January 2023, could also possibly carry a nuclear warhead.

Source: Krone


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