Defensive mess: Time to act


Barça’s poor draw against Granada calls for action. This is not a one-off thing or an occasional bad result. It’s another bad result and, even worse, looking back at bad feelings that have lasted too long and for which Xavi doesn’t seem to have found a solution.

Not even going back to the way it was, will we ever find Barça as inconsistent in defense as they are now. Throughout history there have been better and worse teams, but now Barcelona fans celebrate when a goal is scored in the tenth minute of the game. And that’s not normal.

Everyone here has their own part. The urgent matter now is to discover what is causing such a defensive mess and apply the necessary corrections. And, above all, explain what is being done. Facts and explanations.

Fans demand actions. He wants to see changes and visualize that steps are being taken to correct the loss of goals the team has suffered.

When the result is not good, not only do you have to work harder, but you also have to prove it. It will not be that in Naples Barça awakens Vesuvius again.

Source: La Verdad


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