“Eyes of the artillery” – Kiev arms itself against Putin’s reconnaissance drones


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his leaders discussed improved defense against Russian reconnaissance drones during a meeting in Kiev. Flying devices such as the Russian Orlan drones are “the eyes for the Russian artillery and combat drones,” Zelenskyj wrote on X on Wednesday. Ukraine should technically make such drones blind.

What is needed is a systematic approach, from the identification of enemy drones to the use of electronic warfare against them and their destruction, and a close relationship between the military and domestic weapons producers, Zelensky said. “Manufacturers must clearly understand the needs of the front, while the military must know the production capabilities in each region,” the president continued.

Zelenskyj hopes for future arms exports
Zelensky also addressed this meeting in his evening video address and looked to the future. The technology that Ukraine is developing now will also be able to be exported after the war, he said. “Ukraine’s global significance is to be a supplier of security, an exporter of security.”

In his recent reorganization of the military leadership, Zelensky introduced drone forces as a separate branch alongside the army, air force and navy. Ukraine has been fending off a Russian invasion for almost two years. On both sides of this war, drones have become extremely important for reconnaissance and attacks with explosive payloads.

Source: Krone


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