Body parts in canal – After “piece murder”: Suspect remains in custody


The suspect’s pre-trial detention in the case of the body found in the Marchfeld Canal in mid-January has now been extended by four weeks. Because of the evidence, habeas corpus was waived, court spokeswoman Christina Salzborn announced on Friday. The 38-year-old Iranian, who has already made a full confession, will remain in custody until March 18.

The suspect is said to have murdered his 45-year-old compatriot in November for a financial motive. The victim was reported missing on November 15 last year by his ex-wife and family. The man disappeared without a trace without any explanation. In mid-January, a fisherman fished a severed left foot out of the Marchfeld Canal between Schwarzlackenau and Strebersdorf and alerted the police.

The victim’s identity was quickly established
After additional body parts were found and a DNA comparison was made, the 45-year-old’s identity was clarified relatively quickly.

Due to several suspicions, the investigation quickly focused on the 38-year-old Iranian, who was a friend of the victim and had lived in Vienna-Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus for years. The man was observed and arrested at the end of January when he apparently wanted to escape.

Hit in the head with a hammer
During his interrogation, the suspect stated that the 45-year-old had embezzled 9,000 euros from him. During an argument over the issue, a scuffle is said to have taken place, with the younger man pulling out a hammer he had bought the day before and bringing to the argument and hitting the 45-year-old on the head. the head several times.

How the suspect ultimately dismembered the man’s body and dumped it in the Marchfeld Canal is still being investigated.

Next hearing on March 18
The suspect was taken into custody because of the risk of absconding, the risk of concealment and the risk of committing a crime. The next pre-trial detention hearing is scheduled for March 18.

Source: Krone


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