Navalny’s widow confirms she will continue the opposition’s work and again accuses Putin of murder


Russian investigators informed the opposition leader’s family on Monday that they cannot hand over his body for another fourteen days due to a ‘chemical examination’.

Julia Navalnayathe widow of the Russian dissident Alexei Navalnydeclared on Monday that she will continue her husband’s work and reiterated that he was “murdered” by the president, Vladimir Putin.

“There should be another person in my place, but that person was killed by Vladimir Putin,” he said in a video released a few days after his death. For example, he has indicated that he “does not have the right to give up” and emphasizes that he will “continue with his work and the fight” he has started, according to the newspaper. The Moscow Times.

He has stated that Putin stole “the most precious thing he had” from him. “He killed the father of my children. (…) He took the most beloved person with him,” he said, adding “that he not only killed Navalny, but also wants to put an end to hope, freedom and the future.” of Russian citizenship. Navalny, one of the Kremlin’s main opponents and critics, He died on Friday in a Siberian prison during which he served a prison sentence of almost thirty years for extremism and fraud. His family and friends have been informed that his death occurred due to a “sudden syndrome”, but for now they have not been given access to the body.

Russian investigators will not hand over Navalny’s body to his family until March 4

Russian researchers informed the family of this on Monday They can’t release his body for another fourteen days. as a result of a “chemical examination”, according to the politician’s associates.

“The investigators told Alexei’s lawyers and mother that they will not give them the body, because they still need fourteen days to conduct a chemical examination,” exclaimed the deceased opponent’s spokesperson Kira Yarmish in X.

According to Yarmish, this is a “lie” and a “mockery” and that investigators are not handing over the body to “hide” possible evidence of Navalny’s murder.

Source: EITB


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