Only 10% of Europeans are confident in Ukraine’s victory over the Russian invasion


There are more Europeans who would rather urge Ukraine to negotiate with Russia than those who support Kiev in getting back the occupied territories.

Only 10% of Europeans believe Ukraine can win the war Launched almost two years ago by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Spain in the average, with 9% of respondents thinking Kiev can win the contest.

A few days after the second anniversary of the Russian attack, a survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations shows that Poles, Swedes and Portuguese are the most optimistic Europeans about the Ukrainian victory at 17%, while Greeks, Hungarians and Italians are almost no options.

This does not mean that Europeans see a Russian victory as more feasible, as an average of 20% consider this scenario most likely, while a majority of respondents, 37%, see the Ukrainians and Russians as the most possible solution to the conflict. . an agreement.

41% ask to push Ukraine to negotiate with Russia

Precisely on the issue of negotiating an agreement with Moscow to end the war, the majority of Europeans, 41%, think that Europe should encourage Ukraine to negotiatewhile 31% emphasize that Europe must support Ukraine to regain territory occupied by the Russian army in the east and south of the country.

Once again, Hungarians, Greeks and Italians are the most in favor of urging Kiev to negotiate a peace deal with Russia, over 52% of respondents, while Swedes, Portuguese and Poles are the Europeans most in favor of continuing the support to Ukraine.

Spaniards are virtually stuck between both scenarios, with 35% in favor of continuing to support Kiev to reclaim the occupied territories, while 33% ask Ukraine to sit at the negotiating table.

Source: EITB


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