Salzburg Zoo – Two instead of one! Surprise at the Maned Wolves


On Christmas Eve, Salzburg Zoo welcomed the new maned wolves. When the young animal explored the outdoor enclosure for the first time, a second puppy appeared! The nurses knew nothing about him until now.

“We initially thought we only had one young animal and were more than surprised that we now have twice as much reason to be happy,” says general manager Sabine Grebner.

While the two young animals, whose gender is not yet known, have been exclusively indoors and therefore not visible in recent weeks, they are now becoming a little braver every day. “They are now eight weeks old and since the weekend they have been making short trips to the outdoors,” summarizes Sabine Grebner. “Three weeks ago we saw them for the first time for a few seconds. After that we didn’t see her again until recently. Apparently the parents thought it was still too early. You could see that they were pulling their young animals back in with their feet,” concludes Sabine Grebner. By the way, the fathers of these animals, who come from Central and South America, also care for the offspring.

The parents, five-year-old Pinto and Nebulina, of the same age, have been living in the Salzburg Zoo since autumn 2020.

Source: Krone


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