Found in South Tyrol – man (73) died from hypothermia, not from animal bites


A 73-year-old South Tyrolean man found in a field near Brixen on Monday did not die of animal bites, as previously thought, but of severe hypothermia. The public prosecutor’s office in Bolzano announced this after an autopsy had been carried out.

The bite marks were “in any case quite superficial,” the internet portal “” quoted the Public Prosecution Service as saying on Wednesday evening. There were “no vascular/nervous structures of significant vital importance” affected.

What animal did the bites come from?
Yet a central question in the case remained unanswered: from which animal did the bite marks on the man’s body come? The results of a DNA analysis were expected on Thursday. According to the researchers, possible suspects were a dog, a predatory wolf or a jackal. The carabinieri had already ruled out violent crimes.

The man from Feldthurns has been missing since Sunday. He died in hospital shortly after his discovery.

Source: Krone


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