According to the “Krone” report, two victims of sexual harassment have come forward


They are not interested in revenge, but in justice: for more than a year, a total of fifteen women, all of whom are allegedly victims in different ways of a 43-year-old from Tyrol, have been working together to stop him. After our “crown”Message Two new alleged victims have come forward.

“I actually wanted to train as a dance school assistant with him. Since he only took my money but did not offer any training, I investigated and discovered that I was not his only victim, but that he had deceived many women in this way,” reports a Tyrolean woman who has been there since. Summer had conducted an investigation on her own initiative in 2022. She was then able to file the first report in the winter of 2022 – and thus get the whole thing started.

In custody in Wels
The suspect is now in custody in Wels. He is accused of raping two women: a 48-year-old from the Upper Austrian Lake District and a 26-year-old from the Tyrolean district of Imst.

On March 11, the 43-year-old, who has a criminal record, will also have to answer for sexual harassment at the Silz court in Tyrol.

Two other alleged victims came forward
According to our ‘Krone’ report, a man whose partner also stated that he had been sexually harassed by the 43-year-old, as well as another woman with the same bad experience, contacted the private ‘detectives’.

Silent out of fear
“The victims were simply afraid of him and therefore did not dare to go to the police. Also because he kept threatening. Now that they know he is there, it looks different,” says the brave Tyrolean who was the first to attack.

Source: Krone


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