Animal use – Snake visiting the hair salon


Animal use – Snake visiting the hair salon

Mattersburg’s volunteer fire brigade had to take action three times on Monday. In addition to a car accident, a grass snake has also got lost in a hair salon. A hot pot also set off a fire alarm.

On Monday morning, the firefighters were called for an animal mission: a grass snake about 40 centimeters long was lost in a hair salon. Fortunately, the little animal recovered and was soon released back into the wild.

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A few hours later it was said: suspected fire in a building. The task force was able to use a thermal imaging camera to determine the elevated temperature and scouted the apartment for its pungent odor.

The cause – a hot pan on a stove – was quickly found. After the last ventilation measures, the firefighters were finally able to move in.

The first operation for the fire brigade had already started on Monday evening. On the S4 between Pöttsching and Sigleß, a motorist collided with a guard rail for unclear reasons. The car was thrown to the other side of the road, where it had to be recovered by the helpers. One person was injured in the accident and was taken to hospital after first aid from the Red Cross.

Source: Krone


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