Payload of 60 centimeters – Utah: American fighter jets intercepted mysterious balloon


A small balloon above the American state of Utah has put air surveillance on alert. Fighter jets intercepted the balloon on Friday at an altitude of about 8 miles (13 kilometers), CBS News reported, citing the North American Air Defense Command (Norad), which is responsible for the US and Canada.

During the interception maneuver, it was ultimately determined that the balloon did not pose a threat to national security or air traffic. The flying object will continue to be monitored.

Memories of an alleged spy balloon
A US official told CBS News that a cube-shaped box, each 60 centimeters long, was attached to the balloon. The mysterious balloon brings back memories in the US: Just over a year ago, US forces shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon over the US East Coast, publicly condemning China’s activities and sparking diplomatic anger.

Beijing vehemently denied it was a spy balloon, saying the balloon was a stray weather balloon. The remains were recovered and sent for examination after they were shot down by an F-22 Raptor fighter jet with an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile off the US coast of South Carolina. Ultimately, the Pentagon said the balloon had not collected any information.

Source: Krone


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