Turn Failed – 20-Year-Old Pulled Gun in Dispute Over Driving Error


Some drivers seem to have frayed nerves. A dispute over an innocent driving error has now ended with one injured person and four reports.

A turning maneuver on Friday evening on the L 1390a from Traun to Linz escalated completely. First, a 26-year-old Haider and a Slovenian from Linz (20) got into each other’s car while merging into a turning lane, followed by wild gestures and a concert of honking.

The dispute escalates further
When the hotheads had to stop together at a red light, they allegedly insulted each other wildly, according to the police. But the fighters still didn’t have enough. Both stopped at a bus stop in Pasching, jumped out of their vehicles and started shouting and pushing each other.

Friends there too
Three of the younger man’s friends, who he had with him in the car, also became involved. Suddenly, the 20-year-old hit his older opponent in the head with an empty pistol, leaving him injured to an unspecified degree.

Search successful
The quartet then jumped into their car and left. A large-scale police search was quickly successful; the four men were found in their vehicle and arrested. Only the injured 26-year-old admitted everything, the others only partially confessed.

More drivers removed from traffic
The police also removed several motorists from traffic in Wels on Saturday evening: two local residents were caught under the influence of drugs and have now lost their driving license. Another driver had simply put the license plates of his car, which was no longer roadworthy, on his new car and drove without registration.

Source: Krone


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