Dead South Tyrolean – DNA analysis: This animal left bite marks


The man from Feldthurns had been missing since Sunday and died shortly after he was discovered in hospital. Bite marks were found on his body. A DNA test could now assign the prints to an animal.

A 73-year-old South Tyrolean who was discovered on Monday in a field near Brixen and died shortly afterwards of severe hypothermia was attacked by one or more foxes.

Research provides clarity
This was evident from DNA analysis of the bite marks on his body, South Tyrolean media reported on Saturday, citing the Bolzano Public Prosecutor’s Office. It was previously suggested that a wolf, dog or jackal could be responsible for the bites.

In any case, the injuries were not a decisive factor in the man’s death. These were “quite superficial”. An autopsy revealed that the 73-year-old had frozen to death. The carabinieri had already ruled out violent crimes.

Source: Krone


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