Funeral shuffle – Navalny’s body was handed over to his mother


According to supporters, Alexei Navalny’s body has been handed over to his mother. A public funeral will take place in Moscow. However, it is unclear whether the Kremlin will allow this; Since the death of Putin’s opponent, hundreds of mourners have been arrested across the country.

Civil rights activists reported numerous arrests in actions across Russia on Saturday alone. The independent portal reported 32 arrests in nine cities in the afternoon. There were protests on various issues, it said.

Snakes for Navalny
There were 27 arrests alone as people laid flowers in memory of Navalny, who died in the prison camp on February 16, it was said. At Moscow’s Cathedral of the Savior, the main Russian Orthodox church, people lined up to commemorate the 47-year-old inside on the ninth day after Navalny’s death.

In other churches in the country, people also paid their last respects to Navalny after a public appeal on social networks. Navalny’s family had previously called on authorities to release Alexei Navalny’s body for a humane burial. The request has now been granted, Navalny’s spokeswoman Kira Jarmysch said on the X platform.

Jarmysch said the funeral had to be prepared now. “We don’t know if the authorities will let it happen the way the family wants and how Alexei deserves it,” the spokeswoman said. Lyudmila Navalnaya had called for a public funeral so that not only the family but also supporters could say goodbye to the Russian opposition leader. “We will provide information on this as it comes in,” Jarmysch said. It was previously said that Navalny’s mother wanted to be buried at the Khovanskoye cemetery, the largest of more than a hundred resting places in the Russian capital.

Navalny’s widow Yulia and his daughter Darya had previously appealed in videos to the Kremlin to hand over the opposition leader’s body. ‘Give us back my husband’s body. We want to hold a funeral service and bury him in the ground humanely, as is customary in Orthodox Christianity,” Yulia Navalnaya said in a six-minute YouTube video on Saturday.

Serious accusations against Putin
She also made serious accusations against Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, who has also been blamed for Navalny’s death by numerous Western politicians. Putin was personally responsible for the body’s whereabouts, Navalnaya said.

He tortures Navalny to death, as he did during his life. “No true Christian could ever do what Putin is doing to Alexei’s body.” Her husband, on the other hand, was a devout Christian who went to church and observed Lent even in prison. Navalny’s political engagement was inspired by Christian values.

Source: Krone


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