Danger in East Tyrol – The mountains are crumbling: rock masses threaten to collapse


There is still an acute danger to life after a rockfall in the East Tyrolean Innervillgraten. A farm is still evacuated. The community is hoping for safety measures soon.

Farmer Albrecht Ortner still lives in a state of emergency. The farmer and his mother (86) still cannot return to their home in Innervillgraten because the mountain has been continuously crumbling since January and rocks are colliding directly behind the plot.

“The mountain moves a lot. Unfortunately, there is still no clarity,” says Andreas Schett, mayor of Innervillgraten. “Another 30,000 cubic meters of material is at risk of falling.”

Find the right action
The experts have not yet agreed on a security measure. “It is difficult to say which measure is the best.” But the community leader is pushing for a solution. “A round table will take place in mid-March. Hopefully a decision will be made soon whether part of the building should be demolished and the farm should be secured with elevations and wall constructions or whether the mountain above should be removed.”

Exploitation is currently out of the question: “That would only make the mountain move even more and bring even more dangers.”

Source: Krone


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