Exclusion from elections – Putin enemy Nadezhdin wants to “fight to the end”


Boris Nadezhdin’s complaint against the Central Election Commission has been rejected by the Supreme Court. Putin’s opponent is unlikely to appear alongside the Kremlin leader on the ballot in mid-March. But the Russian still doesn’t want to give up.

After his rejection, Nadezhdin said: ‘I’m not quitting. I will fight to the end.” The outspoken opponent of the war will appeal the decision first to the Presidium of the Supreme Court and then to the Constitutional Court.

Alleged shortcomings led to exclusion
Nadezhdin had been given little chance in advance to take on the incumbent Vladimir Putin. At the beginning of February, the election commission announced that it had found shortcomings in the signature lists required for candidacy.

Putin’s election victory is considered certain. However, Nadezhdin surprised some observers with his sharp public criticism of the war against Ukraine, which Russian leaders described as a special military operation. According to his own statements, instead of collecting the required 100,000 signatures from supporters, he collected double that number, although he was still only allowed to submit 105,000 for review.

Source: Krone


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