Liability letter – left-wing extremists: “We sabotaged Tesla”


After an arson attack on the power supply, production at electric car manufacturer Tesla in Berlin-Brandenburg came to a complete standstill on Tuesday morning. Now there is a confession letter!

The “volcano group,” classified as left-wing extremist, said in a letter a few hours after the explosion: “We sabotaged Tesla today.” ‘Together we will bring Tesla to its knees. Disable for Tesla. Greetings to everyone on the run, in the underground, in prisons and in the resistance! Love and strength for all Antif@s!” reads an email from which “Tagesspiegel” quotes on its website. The long-term goal is the “complete destruction of the Gigafactory.”

“Volcano group” is no stranger
The group is by no means unknown to the authorities. As early as 2021, she was held responsible for an arson attack on the power supply at the then Tesla construction site in Grünheide.

According to the researchers’ current findings, a high-voltage pylon was set on fire between Steinfurt and Hartmannsdorf in the Oder-Spree district. This resulted not only in power outages at the Tesla factory in Grünheide, but also in several towns in the area. However, these have largely been resolved.

Tent Warning: ‘Buried here!’
Three volunteer fire brigades, electricity company workers and police were deployed to repair the damage when a tent was discovered near the site of the attack. This called specialists from the Brandenburg explosive ordnance disposal service to the scene with the inscription “Explosives buried here!” The other emergency services had to evacuate the fire scene.

Protests against Tesla’s expansion plans
The carmaker’s expansion plans for its Grünheide plant near Berlin have long attracted the attention of environmentalists. They have taken shelter in dozens of tree houses and tents in a forest that must be cleared to expand the factory. The activists are tolerated by the police under strict conditions until mid-March. It is forbidden to light fires and leave rubbish behind.

Source: Krone


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