More than 1,000 euros – fraudster took banknotes from the wallet of 89-year-old


Many fraudsters have long delved into the digital expanses of the Internet with their criminal energy, but there are also analog criminals. One struck on Wednesday in Carinthia.

The perpetrator lay in wait for his potential victims in front of a financial institution in Feldkirchen. When an 89-year-old stepped outside, he was approached by the fraudster. “The unknown person asked for change,” police said. “With the victim’s consent, he removed coins from the victim’s wallet.”

But while ‘changing’, the brazen conman removed several banknotes from the elderly gentleman’s wallet. “The notes had a total value of more than 1,000 euros,” the police said. “The victim only noticed the theft hours later.” The only option for the 89-year-old was to go to the police to report the crime. The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Krone


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