In the south and west – ISS package: “Apparitions” in the night sky possible


In Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg there may be mysterious glows in the night sky and a sonic boom on Friday evenings. But don’t panic: the possible spectacle has an explainable reason.

A fallen battery pack from the International Space Station is expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere on Friday and possibly shatter. Debris could also be floating in the airspace above Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg, according to statements from state governments, citing information from the German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Response.

Impact “extremely unlikely”
Luminous phenomena and a sonic boom through the rubble are possible. An impact of fragments on the Earth’s surface is “extremely unlikely”. The overflight times apply for the southeast of Carinthia from 4:20 PM to 4:50 PM and for the southwest between 8:55 PM and 9:25 PM. In Vorarlberg and Tyrol, light phenomena or the perception of a sonic boom can be expected between 8:45 PM and 9:15 PM.

Experts are closely following developments
There is currently no danger to humans. Elmar Rizzoli, head of the Center for Crisis and Disaster Management in the state of Tyrol, explains: “In such cases, transparent, fast and broad population information is essential to make people as aware as possible of unusual lights and sounds and to prevent panic in advance. prevent.”

Even if, according to current knowledge, only light effects and a sonic boom are to be expected, “we are closely monitoring developments and are in close contact with the Ministry of the Interior and the neighboring countries of Vorarlberg and Carinthia, which are also affected . If the situation changes, further information will be provided immediately,” Rizzoli continued.

Is the battery pack burning up?
Europe’s former space chief Jan Wörner considers the danger of debris to be low. “Batteries really want to burn. I assume that the package will burn up almost completely in the atmosphere,” said Wörner. “Maybe the dismantling will be seen as a beautiful shooting star.” A hit in inhabited areas is unlikely.

Source: Krone


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