Temporarily suspended – crashes into railing: policewoman drives while drinking


After the serious traffic accident last Sunday in Lebring, Southern Styria, it was revealed that the drunk driver was a policewoman (32). According to the Styrian State Police Directorate, she was temporarily suspended. The daughter was also in the car during the accident.

Both the driver and her daughter were injured in the serious accident on Sunday. The woman allegedly crashed her car into the sidewalk railing of the Kiessnerweg railway underpass while she was drunk. The 32-year-old woman had probably lost control of her vehicle due to excessive speed.

Officer temporarily suspended
Heimo Kohlbacher, spokesperson for the LPD Styria, has now confirmed to the “Krone” that the alcoholic driver is a police officer. “She was temporarily suspended,” Kohlbacher said. The police disciplinary board decides what measures will be taken after the procedure with the court and the district administration has been completed.

No treatment in hospital
The mother and her daughter escaped with minor injuries. The 32-year-old even decided not to undergo hospital treatment.

Advertisement for alcoholic driver
During the accident, the car became so stuck in the railing that the fire brigade had to cut through the railing with a power cutter. The woman was reported to the Graz Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Leibnitz Public Prosecutor’s Office. It is said that she had more than one per mille of alcohol in her blood during the breath test.

Source: Krone


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