Curse and blessing: monkey gangs terrorize holiday resort in Thailand


The Thai city of Lopburi is not only popular with tourists, but also with monkeys. However, the latter is becoming more and more of a problem because the primates roam the streets in gangs, causing damage and also like to steal from locals and holidaymakers. A separate police unit is now taking action against the fur-wearing troublemakers – but you don’t want to miss the macaques completely.

“I am aware of the potential danger that monkeys pose. They have become a threat to tourists and locals,” Police Major General Apirak Wechkanchana told Daily Mail about the macaque problem in the locality.

Monkeys already recognize stun guns
Police officers used catapults to drive away the vermin. Particularly serious offenders are arrested and moved. But it’s not that simple, because the animals are very smart: “We had to hide our faces and the tranquilizer guns so that the monkeys couldn’t see them,” said an official from the Ministry of National Parks, Animal Protection and Plant Protection.

Police success: gang leader arrested
Recently they managed to capture “Ai Krao”, the leader of a gang of monkeys. The perpetrator was notorious among dealers and motorists for his aggressiveness. He was sedated and taken to a location.

Monkeys are both a blessing and a curse
Although the monkeys occupy empty buildings and are involved in gang fights in the city, the locals do not want to give up the animals completely: because although they cause so much damage and problems, they also bring in money: they are the reason tourists come from all over the world. all over the world come to Lopburi and visit. The holidaymakers like to feed the monkeys with treats. There is also an annual festival for the monkeys: an extensive buffet is provided for the macaques.

The Thai government is also trying other methods to control the macaque problem. The country’s monkey population must be controlled through mass sterilizations, creation of protected areas and resettlement programs.

Source: Krone


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