“Really seasick” – Wiener experienced an earthquake in Taiwan on the 24th floor


After the violent earthquake off the east coast of Taiwan, the number of deaths has risen to seven and the number of injured to more than 700 (see video above). One person who experienced the earthquake is Vienna’s Raoul Korner. You can “really get seasick,” he said.

He felt “at home on the 24th floor” and “rocked back and forth in bed quite a bit.” Korner has worked as a basketball coach for the Tainan Ghosthawks since the end of January and turned 50 on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning (local time) he received an alert on his mobile phone, and a minute later ‘it started’. A video shows a lamp in his apartment shaking violently. Since it had ‘no big decorations’, nothing could fall down.

The earthquake reached a magnitude of 5 in the sixth largest city Tainan in the southwestern part of the country. As far as Korner knows, no buildings were damaged. However, in other parts of Thailand, people were killed, at least seven in total. At least 736 people were injured.

Many are trapped in buildings
According to the National Fire Administration, 77 people were still trapped in buildings in Hualien city. Many houses collapsed completely, became dangerously tilted or were destroyed. The Taiwan Meteorological Agency recorded a magnitude of 7.2 at a depth of several kilometers. The American Earthquake Observatory and Geosphere Austria recorded a 7.4. Several aftershocks followed.

Taiwan, China, Japan and the Philippines warned of tsunamis for hours before the warnings were relaxed or withdrawn.

Source: Krone


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