Can be expensive – large-scale operation after a failed April Fool’s prank


In Liechtenstein, a mother wanted to send her daughter to April on Monday. However, that went terribly wrong. Instead of laughing, the woman will now probably receive a high administrative fine.

The people of Liechtenstein are not exactly known for their subtle sense of humor. And that is of course right: early on Monday evening a woman sent her daughter a photo. Her hand appeared to be bleeding profusely.

Shocked by the sight, the daughter immediately called her mother, but she did not answer. She therefore alerted the emergency services, whereupon two police patrols and the emergency services were deployed.

The mother was eventually located, but there was no sign of a gaping wound. The amateur comedian explained to the surprised officials that she wanted to send her daughter alone to April. “Fortunately, there were no bottlenecks for the rescue organizations during this time,” Liechtenstein State Police said. We are now checking whether the costs of the operation can be passed on. And that’s no joke.

Source: Krone


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