Pay Emperor Kratky with emotional words to fans


The publication of the top earners on ORF has caused a lot of excitement in recent days. At the top of the list: Robert Kratky, who has now addressed his fans for the first time in an Instagram story with an emotional message.

After announcing his salary, Robert Kratky has faced not only a lot of criticism, but also hostility in recent days. On Tuesday evening, the Ö3 presenter and ORF emperor spoke out for the first time in his Instagram story, which has now gone offline again.

Receives numerous emails
“It’s a quarter past 9, damn, this daylight saving time is killing me,” Kratky began his message to the fans. Keeping track of his email inbox is a real challenge right now, he continued.

And then Kratky got a little emotional: “I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who in the last 24 hours wrote me incredibly nice things, incredibly kind things, or just asked questions and were incredibly kind.”

“You are cool people”
And further: “Unfortunately I can’t say more about it at the moment, but thank you. Real. There are very cool people in this country and you think: you are cool people. Thank you! And sleep well. Till tomorrow morning.”

ORF defended Kratky
After personal insults and threats, the ORF had already defended the presenter of “Ö3 Wecker”. “The importance of having such a high-profile radio producer on board is reflected in the recurring attempts by national and international media companies to poach Mr. Kratky – sometimes with significantly higher salary offers.”

He also helped develop several formats and the Ö3 Wecker, which he moderated, was said to be one of the most successful ORF products.

Kratky, who earns an annual salary of 443,894.39 euros or about 31,700 euros per month or almost twelve times as much as an average earner, is clearly at the top of the recently published ORF salary emperors. That is more than ORF general manager Roland Weißmann receives, and almost twice as much as his radio director Ingrid Thurnher.

Source: Krone


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