Women reported – toddler with e-cigarette: Scotland furious


There is currently widespread outrage in Scotland after a small child was spotted with an e-cigarette in his mouth. Adults would have just watched. In one case, the offspring was even said to have coughed after inhaling.

Social media clips show the one- to two-year-old child using an e-cigarette and puffing out vapor in at least two cases, the Daily Record newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Police said two 19-year-old women from the south-west Scottish region of Ayrshire have been charged over the case. The child, whose gender is unknown, is in good health.

No innocent alternative
Local MP Siobhan Brown said he was shocked. “E-cigarettes are not harmless and contain nicotine and dangerous toxins that can damage young, developing lungs,” the politician warned. “I really hope that this is an isolated incident and that most responsible parents are aware of the dangers.”

Warning of increase in e-cigarette consumption
In Great Britain, experts are increasingly warning of an increase in e-cigarette consumption among young people. The central government in London is planning a ban on disposable vapes and measures to make e-cigarettes less attractive to young people. This includes restrictions on sweet flavors and bright packaging that appeals primarily to minors. The Scottish regional government is pursuing similar legislation.

Source: Krone


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