Still 46,000 euros open – fraud charges after rehab for mother in private clinic


After his mother suffered two strokes, a dental technician wanted to give his mother the best possible treatment. He carefully concealed the fact that the 51-year-old could not afford the 46,000 euro rehabilitation in the private clinic in Styria. Now he was on trial for fraud.

“I’ve been putting it off for ages. But I think I will finally solve it in the coming weeks,” the defendant said in court in Graz on Wednesday. “You’ve been saying that for a long time,” Judge Verena Oswald responded. “I just don’t think you can afford that.” As of 2022, he owes a private clinic 46,000 euros.

“I thought I would find out!”
After two strokes, the insurance company agreed to finance rehabilitation in a private clinic for his seriously ill mother. But the insurance only paid for one month. The son signed for the second month. “I thought I would find the money somehow,” he explains.

“Just saw the great care”
“Difficult, right? They had foreclosures and low incomes,” the judge said. “I don’t think it was intentional, but it’s enough if you knew they couldn’t afford it.” – “I just saw the wonderful care and how well she was doing there.” – “Moral and emotional” That is understandable, but they have caused a lot of damage,” the chairman explains empathetically.

“I solemnly promise that I will pay,” claims the Lower Austrian. “In two to three weeks everything will be divided into tranches…” The judge is concerned: “You had enough time.” But she also shows understanding for the exceptional situation.

Two years to pay
‘I offer you two years’ probation without conviction. You are not allowed to do anything and you are ordered to pay the entire amount in two years.’ At the end of the probation period, confirmation of payment must be on the judge’s table. “If not, we will meet again and you will be judged!”

The prosecutor agrees and the defendant thanks him profusely. “I’ll pay, I promise,” he shouts as he leaves.

Source: Krone


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