Thousands said goodbye to panda ‘Fu Bao’ in Seoul


Thousands of people flocked to an amusement park in South Korea to say goodbye to the panda ‘Fu Bao’, who is about to find a new home in China.

The nearly four-year-old bear named ‘Fu Bao’ was the first giant panda born through natural insemination in a South Korean zoo.

On Wednesday, the animal was transferred to a breeding program in China under an agreement on the conservation of endangered species.

The animal was picked up by a vibration-free transport vehicle with its photo on it. After the flight to China, it will be taken to the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Facility in Chengdu.

Tweet (see below): Panda “Fu Bao” in 2021

Photos showed people crying as they said goodbye to “Fu Bao” at the Everland theme park south of Seoul.

‘Fu Bao’ grew out of a panda prize awarded to South Korea as part of China’s ‘panda diplomacy’. So the three bears belong to China.

Source: Krone


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