Advice from lawyers – “Unhappy marriage is often better than divorce”


The Carinthian lawyers Margot Tonitz and Michael Rainer have been supporting couples who want to divorce in their law firm in Klagenfurt for decades, but they often do so without thinking. There are also typical clichés: from waiting until the children are gone, to tricks of married couples, to financial ruin.

“Kron”: Mrs. Dr. Tonitz, you have handled many divorces during your work as a lawyer. When does divorce most often occur?
Dr. Margot Tonitz: First the Christ Child, then the divorce. Many people – especially women – think that they have to celebrate Christmas together because of the children. Most of the time our Christmases together were just a farce and very stressful, if not a catastrophe. So just wait until you can finally contact the lawyer. Holidays are also often marriage killers; they are the deciding factor.

Source: Krone


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