Too many violent crimes – Reumannplatz: Now the lifeguards are afraid


As the situation at Reumannplatz has deteriorated in recent days, the employees of the Amalienbad in Vienna-Favoriten no longer dare to go to their workplace and demonstrate for more police – their presence initially shows success…

Reumannplatz has become the center of attention of the authorities in recent weeks. After several brutal attacks, a weapons ban zone has been in place here since last weekend. The situation is currently calm.

But the almost daily violent crimes have not only left their mark on residents and passers-by. But also among the more than 100 employees of the Amalienbad.

Call: “Mr. Karner, we are a memory!”
A meeting was held by staff representatives on Wednesday morning. Under the title “Mr. Minister of the Interior! More police – to protect our colleagues and the public!” pool staff immediately called for more police around Reumannplatz.

“It cannot be that it is safer inside the swimming pools than here!”, says Wolfgang Jelinek, employee representative and vice-chairman of Main Group III of the Younion trade union. In an interview with the ‘Krone’, the HR representative says that several colleagues have already been involved in dangerous conflicts. Around lunch break. Female colleagues in particular would be very afraid. Especially when it’s dark. After all, many are on duty until 10 p.m.

An employee who has worked at Amalienbad for more than thirty years is now taking early retirement, with a discount. Because she no longer dares to go to work, says Jelinek.

With the words “Mr. Karner, we are reminders!” the demonstrators called on the Minister of the Interior to take immediate action. The union members demand that a police patrol be stationed right in front of the indoor swimming pool from 6 a.m. to midnight.

The city is taking action and wants to ensure more safety
In the meantime, the city’s measures are already showing initial success. The increased presence of officers and extensive patrols throughout Favoritenstrasse and adjacent side streets and parks led to drug sellers being identified.

Walter Hillerer, head of the immediate measures group, emphasizes: “Our goal is to demonstrate a strong presence together with the police and city services and thus strengthen the feeling of security in Favoriten. The city’s mobile office at Reumannplatz is open until Friday, April 5 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Controls and patrols in Favoriten must be continued continuously to ensure long-term security in the district.

Source: Krone


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