Not a nice view – fewer guests because there is an excavator parked in front of the door


An excavator parked directly in front of Café Pierre on Maxglaner Main Street in Salzburg has been frightening customers since Thursday. Requests from the owner to move the heavy construction equipment just a few meters from the cafe’s entrance have so far gone unheard.

The shiny glazed cakes in the display case of Café Pierre on Maxglaner Hauptstrasse are desperately waiting to be eaten this weekend. “Normally there are about 15 people in our pastry shop on Saturday mornings. There is no one today,” the pastry shop owner, Márta Borbíró, tells “Krone” during a local inspection.

You don’t have to look far to find the reason for the missing guests: there has been an excavator right in front of the shop since Thursday afternoon. “Customers walking in particular think we are closed. This means that we are missing about 80 percent of the usual weekend customers,” says Borbíró.

The excavator would actually be removed on Friday and parked somewhere else, the café owner was promised. However, that didn’t happen. Neither the city of Salzburg nor the Salzburg AG building there have felt an obligation so far. Several phone calls and emails requesting that the heavy construction equipment be moved a few meters have so far yielded no results.

Construction work will last until the end of November
Work on the pipeline network in the Maxglaner Hauptstrasse area, which will be carried out in two phases, is expected to last until the end of November this year. During construction work, Maxglaner Hauptstrasse is closed to private traffic. “Anyone who is a customer at our café can still drive there directly by car. Because then the residents’ ordinance will come into effect,” says Márta Borbíró.

Source: Krone


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