Mocking Iran – Every second missile “failed in flight” at Israel


With its “retaliation” against Israel, Iran wanted to send a clear message and demonstrate its military strength. The latter failed completely: countless rockets crashed long before reaching their target. The fear of a fire has given way to biting ridicule for the mullahs’ regime.

For the first time ever, Iran attacked Israel on Saturday, raining more than 300 projectiles on the country. However, most of them were intercepted by Israeli air defenses and the population was unharmed.

Experts agree: the mullahs’ regime did not want to unleash a war it cannot afford, but instead wanted to take revenge on its arch-enemy for the attack in Damascus that killed high-ranking commanders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Political scientist Markus Kaim spoke to “Ö1” about a mainly “political message”. It signaled: “Israel has crossed a line and there is a price to pay,” Kaim said.

States were warned
This is supported by the fact that there were announcements and warnings. For example, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq were informed 72 hours before the attack. Moreover, after the attack, Tehran quickly announced that the “retaliation” had been completed. Former NATO chief George Robertson even says that Iran did not want to deliver a hit.

While Iran talked about ‘self-defense’, the attack was condemned by Western countries. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani criticized this and immediately stated that the West should rather “appreciate” Iran’s “restraint” in recent months.

60 tons of explosives in the air
Even if the mullahs’ regime is not interested in open war, there can be no “restraint.” According to Israeli data, 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles were fired. In total, about 60 tons of explosives flew towards Israel. If modern Israeli air defenses had not been able to repel almost all of them, the impact could have been devastating instead of a few injuries and minor damage to the Nevatim air base.

Iran undoubtedly wanted to send a sign of military strength with the attack. However, that turned out to be a complete failure. About half of the rockets fired failed or crashed before reaching Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing US officials. As a result, between 115 and 130 ballistic missiles intended to hit Israeli territory were fired. Half of them were successfully intercepted, the other half “failed in flight” and did not reach their destination. “So much for Iran’s vaunted missile capabilities,” an official said in the US newspaper.

Spot on the internet
In Israel and also in the Arab world, Iranian military capabilities were mocked after the major attack. A satirical “Mossad” account on A photo of a military vehicle carrying giant cucumbers instead of rockets launched from the ramp also made the rounds online. “Bad show,” Alaa Mubarak, son of the late Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak, laconically wrote about X.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear how Israel will respond to the attack. The war cabinet met on Monday. The group had already met on Sunday to discuss an Israeli retaliatory strike, but no decision had yet been made. Internationally, Israel is being called upon to exercise restraint and de-escalation is being demanded in the Middle East.

Source: Krone


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