Curious process – neighbor dispute: Senior (86) took out a knife


A noisy washing machine has sparked a conflict between retired neighbors. The argument escalated on the shared staircase and ended with a criminal trial at the Salzburg Regional Court.

The defendant appears thin and weak, his hearing and eyesight are poor, and he sometimes mumbles something to himself. But the public prosecutor knows for sure at the trial on Wednesday: the retired 86-year-old wanted to seriously injure his neighbor (78) deliberately with a knife. He shows the jury the weapon: at the push of a button a knife slides out. “He attempted to punch the victim in the stomach,” the prosecutor quotes the complaint. The senior allegedly said clear words to his neighbor: “If you don’t calm down, I will stab you.”

A fight broke out in the stairwell over knives
The defender reacts. The senior only confessed to the threat, the lawyer explains, revealing the background to the neighborhood dispute: noise. “The neighbors feel disturbed by a washing machine. That’s why they called the police.” This conflict over the noise of a washing machine culminated in a fight in the shared staircase – took place on October 11, 2023. “I didn’t start it,” defends the accused senior and says: ” He gave me, showed his fists and didn’t let me pass. Then I took my snack knife out of my pocket.”

And stabbed? “I would never have done that, it was just a threat, nothing more.” The judge shows the sweater the victim wore that day. Two holes can be seen in it. “So I didn’t do anything,” the 86-year-old said.

The victim’s statement provided further clarity: “Our relationship was excellent until the suspect met a new woman. Since the woman arrived, there has been so much noise in the house. That’s why I wanted to confront him and tell him to stop making that noise.” But the knife left him completely perplexed: “I put him in a headlock and we both fell.” And stabbing movements? No, the 78-year-old explains clearly stated: “He certainly didn’t stab me.” The holes in the jersey were created when it fell while coming to the edge of a slab.

Diversion is already legally binding
The judge offered the 86-year-old distraction because of the coercion: As long as nothing further criminal law happens for a year, the proceedings will be stopped. This decision is already legally binding.

Source: Krone


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