Had 50 mutations – Dutchman dies after almost two years of Corona


A 72-year-old Dutch man was infected with the coronavirus for 613 days until his death. A team of doctors from the Amsterdam University Hospital is now reporting on the case in Barcelona, ​​according to a press release.

Most people recover quickly from a corona infection. While others receive a negative test result after just a few days, a 72-year-old fought the virus in vain for 613 days. His weakened immune system was unable to fight the viruses effectively, leading to the unusually long duration of the illness. The man ultimately died in the fall of 2023 from his underlying illness.

A team of doctors from the Amsterdam University Hospital has now investigated the case and is presenting the results at a conference in Barcelona.

50 mutations in the body
The Dutchman fell ill with Corona in February 2022. His bone marrow disease affected both his stem cells and his red blood cells. In addition, the patient also developed leukemia. For the treatment to be effective, he had to take immunosuppressants, which suppress the immune system. As a result, his immune system was unable to produce natural antibodies against the virus.

The person who was vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 went to the hospital several times for treatment. Various therapies did not work. The virus development in his body was closely monitored.

It is already known that long-term infections can cause potentially dangerous mutations in immunocompromised people. In people who suffer from Covid-19 for a long time, the virus can spread from the lungs through the bloodstream to other organs. As it multiplies in these organs, it tests different mutations to find out which ones are most effective without the immune system neutralizing them.

In September 2023, more than 50 mutations were detected in the man’s body compared to the predominant BA.1 variants. Some of these mutations may have allowed the viruses to evade an immune response more effectively. The case highlights the risk of persistent SARS-CoV-2 infections in immunocompromised people, the team said. It is therefore important to continuously monitor the virus evolution, the doctors emphasized.

Source: Krone


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