Posts on Facebook – Police officer shared Holocaust denial for years


Posts on Facebook – Police officer shared Holocaust denial for years

A now-retired police officer apparently shared posts on Facebook denying the Holocaust and other conspiracy theories for years — even while he was still on active duty. His contacts included numerous FPÖ politicians as well as the former Chief of the General Staff of the Federal Army, Robert Brieger.

The ‘Standaard’ reported this on Saturday with reference to the ‘Stop the Right’ platform, which had discovered the relevant internet activities. Accordingly, since 2015, the police officer has been sharing and posting racist and anti-EU content under his real name, sometimes even linking to relevant sites and neo-Nazi stories.

Posts shared by Holocaust deniers
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is equated with Hitler, the Greens with National Socialists, and the murder of millions of Jews is denied. For example, the man shares a post about the Rhine Meadow Camps. These were prison camps that the Allies operated along the Rhine from April 1945 for German prisoners of war.

A website he shares as a post claims that German dead were exhumed there and passed off as Jewish corpses to manipulate the number of Holocaust victims. A lie that is often spread in neo-Nazi circles. In 2016, he shared an article from a right-wing extremist site with the headline “Adolf Hitler did not gas Jews, but Jews gassed non-Jews en masse!”

FPÖ members among Facebook contacts
His 3,700 Facebook contacts include numerous politicians from the FPÖ, NPD and supporters of “The Third Way”, as well as police officers and members of the armed forces. Under another post about the Rhine Meadow Camp headlined “A Secret Chapter in German History,” former Chief of the General Staff and now Chairman of the European Union Military Committee Robert Brieger noted: “Above all, it is a secret chapter. in the history of the victors.” A question The answer from the “Standaard” to this in Brieger’s office remained unanswered for the time being.

Ex-employer: “Did not attract any negative attention”
A question to his former employer, the management of the Styrian State Police (LPD), whether they were aware of the reports, was answered as follows: “During his active service, the retired officer did not attract any negative attention from the South-East of Styria District Police Command or Styrian State Police Directorate.” But retirement also concerns the reputation of the police, the spokesperson said.

First, the Public Prosecution Service must investigate the facts, he explained, “if it is then brought to the attention of the LPD, then the agency authority must also conduct an internal investigation.” The service law also applies upon retirement. In any case, “Stop the Right” will present an overview of the facts.

Source: Krone


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