LGBTQ statement – Italy accuses the EU of “denying reality”.


As reported, nine member states refuse to sign an EU declaration that promotes policies in favor of LGBTQ communities. In a newspaper interview, the Italian Family Minister explains exactly why Rome is against the plan.

“We find the document very unbalanced,” criticizes Family Minister Eugenia Roccella in the daily newspaper “Il Messaggero”. “Everyone can choose who they want to love or have sexual relations with. But the freedom to ‘be whoever you want to be’ advocated in the document is an ideological compulsion and a denial of reality, because the reality of the body and sexual connection cannot be changed until the end,” said Minister Roccella, who belongs to the post-fascist party “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers of Italy) around Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“The continuity of humanity rests on binarism”
“I believe that the so-called gender binarism should continue to apply: there are women and there are men. We want to preserve the anthropology on which parenthood and the continuity of humanity are based, because if you abolish men and women, parenthood also changes and you should not be surprised if no more children are produced,” the minister emphasizes.

“We are for the inclusion of people who choose gender reassignment and we are against transphobia. But here they want to change the human paradigm. One tries to deny not only biology, but also the body, which is based on the sexual difference between men and women. The body should not be seen as an object that we carry with us. A person is his body,” the minister emphasized.

Document provides for EU Commissioner for Equality
In addition to Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia also reject the declaration, which was drawn up on the occasion of the World Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. According to the text, signatory states commit to implementing national policies for LGBTQ people and appointing a new EU Commissioner for Equality in the new EU Commission that will emerge from the EU parliamentary elections.

Source: Krone


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