Motion submitted – US Congress: McCarthy should be removed


Motion submitted – US Congress: McCarthy should be removed

Matt Gaetz, known as a right-wing hardliner, has filed a motion to impeach Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the US House of Representatives. Gaetz wants to ensure that the position of chairman is declared ‘vacant’.

McCarthy had previously agreed with Democrats on a compromise on temporary funding for federal authorities and did not implement the cuts demanded by hardliners.

Gaetz is considered a supporter of former US President Donald Trump and has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2017. The Republicans currently only have a very narrow majority there. As a result, a smaller circle of extreme MPs from their own party were able to push Chairman McCarthy ahead of them. Gaetz has been one of McCarthy’s bitterest opponents for some time; he only announced his resignation request on Sunday.

Voting can still be prevented
The motion does not mean that McCarthy will automatically lose his position as chairman. This requires a majority in the House of Representatives. A vote can also be prevented with motions. The Chamber of Congress will have to deal with this in the coming days. No Speaker of the House of Representatives has ever lost office as a result of such a move, and such a motion has occurred only sporadically in recent decades.

McCarthy assures: “Never give up!”
McCarthy recently seemed confident of victory and assured that he would never give up and overcome this resistance. He also responded immediately on Monday

It’s unclear how many lawmakers might ultimately join Gaetz and vote against McCarthy. So far, there is no opposing candidate that the various wings of the deeply fragmented faction can agree on. However, Gaetz has already announced that if in doubt, he would make such a request against McCarthy several times to achieve his goal. Under certain circumstances, McCarthy could count on the support of the Democrats.

Won office on the 15th ballot
McCarthy was only elected in the 15th round of voting in January and is believed to have been severely weakened by the early tremors. At the time, he had to go a long way toward accommodating the radical right into his group in order to be elected into office with the help of their votes. Partly due to their pressure, the threshold for a motion to expel was significantly lowered.

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