Next provocation? – Russians remove Estonian buoys in border river


Moscow is apparently aiming for further confrontation with the Baltic states and the West or the NATO defense alliance. The Russian Border Guard is said to have removed buoys in Estonian territorial waters on the Narva River that are used to mark shipping routes there.

The Narva is part of the border between the two countries. According to the head of the Border Protection Agency, Eerik Purgel, NATO member Estonia and Russia essentially installed shackles every spring until the outbreak of war.

The Russians have removed half the shackles
Since last year, Moscow no longer agrees with Estonian positions on their situation, Purgel said. The Baltic state recently placed the first fifty buoys and shortly afterwards discovered that the Russian border guard had removed 24. Estonia now wants to contact the Russian side to clarify the whole matter.

It was only in mid-February that the Estonian secret service announced that it believed Russia was preparing militarily for a sustained confrontation with the West. This is what Russia’s military reform indicates, according to an annual report presented in Tallinn by the Baltic EU country’s foreign intelligence service.

The troops on the Estonian border increased
Accordingly, the said military reform means a significant increase in the number of Russian armed forces near the border of the Baltic state in the coming years. Russia also plans to station more troops on the border with Finland and the other Baltic states.

It was said that Russia’s goal was to gain military dominance in the Baltic Sea region. However, the chance of a direct attack on Estonia this year is small.

Source: Krone


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